Micro needling & Chemical peel course

This course is aimed at previously qualified individuals working in or wanting to work in Medical aesthetics.

Once you work in a clinic, some of the most popular procedures that you will perform will be collagen induction procedures such as micro-needling and resurfacing procedures such as chemical peels.

It can be extremely overwhelming to decide which devices, products, and brands to work with and many companies do not provide training on the basics of performing these procedures effectively and safely. This brand-agnostic course will provide you with the foundation to understand how these procedures work and how to perform them confidently.

Some of the topics discussed include the theoretical breakdown of the wound healing process, preconditioning for procedures, home care to complement the treatment plan, indications, and clinical endpoints.

A practical demonstration is done where you will learn how to perform these treatments.

For a more detailed breakdown of the course content, prices and other details please view PDF below

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