Our masterclasses are advanced short courses that focus on a specific niche and delve into the pathogenesis of a particular skin condition or disease. We also offer masterclasses on topics frequently encountered in the medical aesthetic environment that will improve the skills of the practitioner and improve their treatment outcomes. These masterclasses are available as online E-learning courses and are presented via classroom sessions on specific dates.

Hyperpigmentation masterclass

This masterclass covers everything about hyperpigmentation as a disorder. It aims to explore the uncommon causes, influences, and triggers of the disorder and looks at various different treatment approaches and their outcomes.

Acne & Rosacea masterclass

This masterclass covers the pathogenesis of Acne and Rosacea and looks at the different lifestyle factors that influence its occurrence. We also explore the various causes and look at the management of these diseases by exploring different treatment approaches and their outcomes.

Coming soon!

Chemical peel masterclass

Cosmetic chemistry masterclass

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