Group Membership

Our membership program aims to provide you with many different resources available to your disposal. This includes training courses, monthly training sessions, closed Facebook group, and access to an expert panel. We are there to support you in your business and career journey so that you are empowered in every way and so that you are able to have a network of highly skilled professionals from where you can draw inspiration and motivation.

The group Membership is aimed at businesses with larger teams, who want to benefit from our Monthly webinars and access to our courses. These memberships have one owner, with a group of either 5 or 10 employees attached to the membership, each with their own unique login details. The owner of the membership controls who has access to the courses and webinars and group members are interchangeable depending on your staff turnover. Signing up for our group membership gives you access to our membership at a reduced fee. Signing up 5 members individually would normally cost R745 but by joining our group membership you only pay R599. Signing up 10 members would normally cost R1490 but by joining our group membership you only pay R799.

Cost for 5 Members

R599.00 / month
1 year of access

Cost for 10 Members

R799.00 / month
1 year of access

Group Membership includes:

Skin ID Course

The starting point for anyone that works in skincare or aesthetic environment that wishes to upskill their knowledge on skin anatomy and physiology and the basic pathogenesis of the most common skin conditions and diseases we face on a frequent basis.

Acne & Rosacea Masterclass

Acne and Rosacea

An In-depth and advanced breakdown of the pathogenesis of acne and rosacea a systematic approach in building treatment plants to effectively manage these skin diseases in the long run.

Hyperpigmentation Masterclass

Hyperpigmentation disorders treatment

An In-depth and advanced breakdown of the pathogenesis of hyperpigmentation disorders and the systemic approach in building treatment plans to effectively manage this skin condition in the long run.

One monthly free live Webinar

We host a monthly webinar session on a specific topic relevant to the effective treatment of skin conditions, diseases, and running a successful business in the medical aesthetic or skincare environment. Some examples of topics include The skin gut axis, growth factors, and peptides and their use in the treatment of ageing, using micro-needling and chemical peels to address the most stubborn hyperpigmentation disorders, the use of topical CBD and its effect on skin barrier function, managing the wound healing process following procedures, How to perform virtual consultations and improve average basket size of skincare product orders, etc.

Access to a network Whatsapp group

You will have the opportunity to post questions that will then be answered by us with the help of our expert panel.

 Coming soon:

Cosmetic chemistry masterclass

A detailed breakdown of actives used in topical skincare to treat various skin conditions and diseases. We explore the best approach in developing home care regimens for patients with ageing concerns, acne, rosacea, skin barrier disorders, and hyperpigmentation disorders. We coach you on having a basic understanding of cosmetic labels and we explore the different approaches in topical skincare.

 The effect of chronic disease and medication of the skin

How does a patient’s health affect the condition of their skin and our approach in the treatment thereof? How would we change our approach depending on the patient’s health profile? How can medication and chronic disease affect your outcomes negatively and how do we overcome this.

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