Pre and Post care management when treating Hyperpigmentation disorders

Do we need to manage patients with hyperpigmentation disorders differently than patients with other skin disorders? does Fitzpatrick's skin type make a difference when looking at pre and post-care management of the skin? these are just some of the topics in today's webinar.

The role of the skin Microbiome in acne pathogenesis

How can we improve and prevent the progression of acne vulgaris by approaching the skin in a different way? by managing the microbiome we can potentially improve our rate at which we achieve success with treatment plans, and we can reduce the risk of complications with procedures.

How a compromised immune system affects the skin

How does the skin affect the immune system and how does our immune system affect the skin? this is an important question as it predicts the successful outcomes of our treatment plans. It may even reveal some interesting facts about our health in general.

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