Skin Identification Course

The starting point for anyone that works in skincare or aesthetic environment that wishes to upskill their knowledge on skin anatomy and physiology and the basic pathogenesis of the most common skin conditions and diseases we face on a frequent basis.

Course Outline

  • Basic Cell Structure: Main constituents of a cell and how it affects skin functioning when compromised.
  • Layers and cells of the Epidermis with the focus on Keratinocyte Maturation cycle and the relevance of this relating to skin barrier function, cell communication and preparation of the skin for active ingredients and certain procedures.
  • Layers and cells of the Dermis with the focus on Structural proteins and their function to ensure adequate cell to cell communication, healthy Extra Cellular matrix and healthy skin functioning. Understanding the intricate process of how dysfunctioning cells affect manifestations visible on the skin and how certain ingredients, diseases and procedures affect this.
  • Intrinsic Ageing: Proteasomal decline, cellular ageing and the Hayflick Phenomenon. Understanding factors that play a role in the visible manifestations on the ageing skin. Assisting the therapist to better understand where she can, and cannot accept responsibility for treatment outcomes.
  • Extrisic Ageing: Free radicals, Oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation and inflammation. In-depth understanding of the influencing factors and the approach to help prevent and treat.
  • A holstic approach to treating skin conditions and disease, including information on supplementation and Gut Health and how to speed up the rate at which you achieve results by advising on specific lifestyle changes that might be necessary.
  • Approaching Skin Health Restoration by looking at the skin’s role in Immune Function.
  • Basic Skin Types and how to identify it.
  • Skin conditions relating to Barrier Function focusing on the Acid Mantle, Natural Moisturizing Factors, Glycosaminoglycans and Enzymatic activity in the skin. The role and importance of restoring a healthy skin barrier and how it can be achieved.
  • Skin conditions relating to Texture focusing on Epidermal and Dermal factors and how to distinguish the different manifestations to assist in the more accurate treatment and home care choices.
  • Skin conditions relating to Colour focusing on the Melanogenesis process and different manifestations of dysfunctional melanocytes. Understanding the intricate process and manifestations in different skin types.
  • Skin conditions relating to Sebaceous Glands focusing on the different types of acne and manifestations in different age groups. Risks associated with untreated sebaceous gland disorders. Skin skills education is brand agnostic and provides anyone treating skin, objective and factual information to customise product and protocol prescriptions relevant to any brand.

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Course Instructor

Lize Van Zyl Lize Van Zyl Author

Lize is Co Owner of Skin Skills. A post graduate training provider, freelance trainer, content developer and course developer. she works in the Medical aesthetic environment providing a hub of information on the skin, medical skincare ranges, medical aesthetic treatments and general information on the medical aesthetic industry.

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