About us

Skin skills is the product of two colleagues that recognized the need for a support network in the medical aesthetic industry that provides ongoing free educational resources and post graduate short courses.

The medical aesthetic environment is a unique space in which we see medical doctors and skincare therapists working together in a environment that they might not know how to navigate.

Lize & Rialette created a business that aims to support all professionals working in a medical aesthetic environment so that they are able to have the best and most up to date information available to them on a ongoing basis. This allows them to achieve excellent results on the patient’s skin, in a safe and sustainable way.

We also support the various distribution networks in South Africa so that they are able to provide training in a way that suits the modern era that we work and live in. This allows their distribution partners and stockists to have access to the best training delivered by experts that are passionate about skincare. This takes the pressure off their sales and training teams, as we can offer an unbiased support system to upgrade their training presentations and online training resources. We do this with the utmost respect for their proprietary and sensitive product information.

Lize van Zyl

Lize van Zyl

My Name is Lize Van Zyl. I am the co-founder of Skin Skills and together with my partner Rialette, aim to upskill everyone and anyone in the medical aesthetic environment so that they regain their passion and purpose in this industry. I have extensive experience working in all sectors of the industry including the hospitality, destination spa, cosmetic training sector, and medical aesthetic sales environment. My passion lies in creating course content that includes the most up to date and well-researched topics possible. I am particularly interested in exploring the difficulties in treating darker Fitzpatrick skin types and coming up with safe and sustainable solutions.


Rialette Cronje

My name is Rialette Cronje.  I am the co-founder and owner of Skin Skills.  My experience lies with more than 20 years of operational management in the industry, international training for Steiner Transocean as well as sales for medical skincare brands.  My passion lies in sharing knowledge and experience in the industry to help uplift and empower people.  I love research and always search for the truth in science and want to share what I learn so you can practically apply it in your business.

We Love to interact with anyone and everyone in the industry and should you wish to contact us directly you can do so via email.


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