Skin skills is the product of two colleagues that recognized the need for a support network in the medical aesthetic industry that provides ongoing free educational resources and postgraduate short courses. The medical aesthetic environment is a unique space in which we see medical doctors and skincare therapists working together in an environment that they might not know how to navigate. Read more

Skin skills membership is the one and only resource you need should you wish to grow in your career as a somatologist, esthetician, doctor or nurse working in a medical aesthetic environment. Our monthly membership structure includes all of our courses, monthly webinars and access to our expert panel.

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Our postgraduate courses are available to anyone working in a medical aesthetic environment. We cover topics such as Skin anatomy and physiology, skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, ageing and acne as well as information about running a successful business and understanding cosmetic science.

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We aim to upskill everyone in the industry so that they are equipped with the knowledge to understand the skin conditions they are treating, and so that they are able to perform their procedures safely and effectively. We have a range of free resources available for you to view.

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