We are somotologists, women, mothers and skincare fanatics. We love everything about skin, skincare products and getting great results. We have combined experience of over 30 years working in the luxury spa industry, as trainers for large international brands, brand managers for local beauty groups and as area mangers for large medical aesthetic brands.
Skin skills was born out of a need to provide post graduate education for skincare professionals and industry experts who want to further their education in the Medical aesthetic industry. We want to play a part in maintaining up to date, relevant knowledge of skin and skincare ingredients to ensure that every skin gets the best treatment. We aim to provide brand agnostic online short courses which can be done in your own spare time, without sacrificing any time away from work. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge to develop a protocol for your client or patient, based on your sound knowledge of the skin, it’s underlying structures and it’s function. We want to add value to your consultation so that you can inspire confidence, compliance and loyalty in your patients.


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