Restoring barrier function: How to prepare the skin for procedures and treatments

Our barrier of our skin will determine the successful treatment of all skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, acne and ageing. If we do not pre condition the skin to preserve the barrier function, we will put the client at risk for developing complications. Often you will find that treating a skin condition will be easier […]

Skin Barrier function: 3 crucial factors to address

As therapists we anticipate our clients asking for thicker creams, hydrating serums and masks as the colder temperatures start creeping up on us. Generally we focus on supplementing their routine with heavy creams, and alternating their cleansers and serums with richer formulations. Why not take a different approach this winter by really understanding how the […]

5 Reasons why consistent processes in your clinic will improve profitability

For some, structure is a blessing, for others it’s a curse. Some embrace it, others resist it. In our industry we deal with people- all day long. Human to Human: whether it’s with our staff or with our clients. People find comfort in consistency, no matter how creative they are. Inconsistency and chaos leads to […]


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We are somotologists, women, mothers and skincare fanatics. We love everything about skin, skincare products and getting great results. We have combined experience of over 30 years working in the luxury spa industry, as trainers for large international brands, brand managers for local beauty groups and as area mangers for large medical aesthetic brands. Skin […]