How to stay motivated in an ever evolving industry

Health, Beauty and Wellness is a hot topic and you can expect that it will arise in conversation across all ages at any given time. We are challenged daily with unrealistically high expectations to look great, feel great, be fit and eat healthy! As therapists, we fit into this process for many of our clients and assist them with reaching their goals and often the disappointment of not reaching it.

We have become confidants, mentors and the go-to expert for many of our clients. The expectation of our consumer has reached a new level and we often feel exhausted after a long day of living up to these expectations. We try and reach out to find inspiration, knowledge and motivation and are overwhelmed by conflicting messages and content to our disposal.

Oprah Winfrey said: “Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher”. Find these people in your professional environment and make an effort to connect with like-minded, passionate people. These can be your employer, your colleagues, your employees and your suppliers. Choose where you spend your time and do not allow yourself to be dismayed by negativity. Find any and every opportunity to connect and network with people who share the same passion for this industry as you do. I remember the days of being a student, the fun we had, how we helped each other through tough exams and how we tolerated the painful waxing treatments from our fellow student. We did that because we understood that we are all aiming for the same end goal and we are all learning together. Why must that change over time? Yes, we are competitors but we need to remember that as an industry, we need to constantly uplift each other. I often find the levels of experience and the variety of backgrounds of therapists we educate fascinating. The best part of my day is normally not about what I taught them, but what they taught me.

Read…every day, about everything. The more you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go- Dr Seuss. The information is overwhelming, but it’s vital to know about everything, all the time. Filter what is applicable and what not and use what you learn through reading, to reach new heights.

Love your own skin. Clients expect us to have good skin and judge us if we don’t! Treat your skin the way you advise your clients to treat theirs, and even better. We often neglect ourselves and are the last in line to test new products and treatment in our own businesses. It often takes one great treatment to remind us what we do for our clients on a daily basis and the self-appreciation is necessary. Love the products you apply on your own skin every day. Take time to do your rituals the way you expect compliance from your clients.

Know what is available in the industry. Meet with sales representatives of brands that approach you, ask to have demos and look into everything new. Do not assume that you don’t need it because you are comfortable with what you have in your clinic. If you do not stay on top of new developments, your competitor will. Most of the time the sales representatives are therapists, just like you, and they are there to teach you what you may not know and also learn from you what they may not know. We are one big team in this industry and need to evolve with each other to get the momentum needed to maintain our role as professionals.

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