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As our industry evolves into a space where clients have access to advanced skin rejuvenation procedures, we have a responsibility to further our education continuously. How we approach the restoration of optimal skin health and function has changed dramatically over the last few years and we have to evolve with the industry trends and innovations.

Have you lost your passion and enthusiasm for the career you have chosen? Have you struggled to achieve the results you know are possible with your client’s skin? Are you starting to doubt your skills as a skincare therapist? Having the knowledge to accurately analyse your client’s skin, is the foundation on which your credibility as a skincare therapist rests on. Providing acceptable results are no longer an option, our clients demand excellent results which surpasses their expectations.

At Skin Skills we provide advanced and updated training on a proprietary skin analysis and consultation technique. This is the foundation that will equip the therapist to establish the concern to be treated, taking the client’s lifestyle, skin’s genetic history, and overall health into consideration. We also educate you to analyze the skin is such a way, that a long term protocol and home care regimen can be established, which ensures results, client compliance, loyalty and establishes the therapist as the expert. The result is a therapist with confidence in her abilities and a client that is aware and educated on her responsibilities. All of this will assist you to evolve your business to operate with a clear goal in mind. Our Post graduate modular courses are aimed at the qualified therapist, medical aesthetic physician and any other professional working in the skincare, clinic or medical aesthetic industry  motivated to further her education.

The benefits of doing Our skin skills skin identification courses include the following:

  1. Increase consultation time. Consults can be booked without a treatment being performed as it is a chargeable service.
  2. The clients expectations and concerns are established before she visits the clinic.
  3. Each therapist and client are matched together to foster a strong relationship from the beginning.
  4. Detailed consultation form which gathers enough information.
  5. Checklist and framework for the therapist/doctor so that the same results are achieved with every client.
  6. Client can easily change to another therapist or doctor in the clinic and each staff member should have exactly the same conclusions and outcomes.
  7. Continuity and consistency: the client gets the same message from every doctor/therapist in the clinic.
  8. Synergy and teamwork between staff members.
  9. Increased profitability due to prior commitment to treatment protocol.
  10. Increased profitability due to increased retail sales.
  11. Happier staff that have higher earning potential because they achieve better results.
  12. A bespoke service that can be customized on a clinic by clinic basis depending on their treatment and product offering.

We are proud to offer courses in partnership with Medskills training academy.

Medskills Training Academy aims to provide quality theoretical and hands-on training to Specialist Doctors, General Practitioners and Dentists. We offer one or two short courses to qualified therapists and support staff to the advantage of our patients.

Through quality hands-on courses our respected expert trainers will equip our trainees to make a success and realize their dreams to the ultimate advantage of our patients and customers.

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