5 Reasons why consistent processes in your clinic will improve profitability

For some, structure is a blessing, for others it’s a curse. Some embrace it, others resist it. In our industry we deal with people- all day long. Human to Human: whether it’s with our staff or with our clients.

People find comfort in consistency, no matter how creative they are. Inconsistency and chaos leads to anxiety, distrust and lack of loyalty. This is the reason you HAVE to implement processes in your clinic for your staff to follow.

So let’s look at a few main benefits of having documented processes in your clinic:

It’s an effective Training tool

It’s the easiest starting point to train new staff. This will ensure that every new person gets the same information, in the same way. Its sets a standard of what the expectation is from the Employer, the team members and the clients.

It Gives you structure

You have a starting point and an end point – and guidance on everything in- between. It’s your map of reaching a desired end goal. A relevant example is a client that rebooks for a treatment or closing a retail sale. Or even something basic as having a clean and hygienic working environment at all times.

It reduces anxiety and uncertainty

You can all remember any first day of a new job, or a new school. The anticipation and anxiety you feel by not knowing what to expect. Absence of structure and processes in the work place would be like having a ‘first day’ every single day. If a staff member does not know what you expect of them or what their clients expect of them, it can make them insecure and many times it leads to lack of focus and commitment.

It’s a Measuring tool

If we have nothing to measure ourselves against every now and then, how can we know if we are improving? If you have something to work from, and work towards, it’s much easier to constantly improve. Any good chef starts with a base recipe and after many trials and errors perfects it ingredient by ingredient, process after process until its perfect.

It assists a team to speak the same language

We never want to take away anyone’s creativity or free spirit. But believe it- anyone with a full schedule and no structure will struggle to cope. This will lead to people doing what they have to do to get through the day resulting in inconsistencies in your service deliveries. Your business must have one message and all voices need to speak to that one message.

The easiest way to start is to take existing protocols and processes from training you have received, or from product suppliers and make a file for the clinic. Then walk through the process in a client’s shoes from the moment she phones the clinic to the moment she walks out after her treatment and document what you expect your client to experience. Just start somewhere. Build on a basis and keep improving until you have the perfect recipe.

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