5 Critical steps to fostering loyalty in your clients

1. Start with why

Why do we do what we do? What makes us get up in the morning and what drives us? For me it’s skin. I love the feeling I get when I have assisted a client to improve a skin condition which they thought would be impossible to treat. Our skin is intrinsically linked to our self confidence, and although it may seem superficial to some, it affects how we present ourselves to the world. When we have healthy skin, we don’t think much about it, but visible skin concerns can consume our lives. A lot of focus is put on achieving flawless skin and we forget that our skin has a much more important function than simply being part of our appearance? It is the only barrier we have to the outside world so having a healthy skin has a much more crucial function than we think. Our job as therapists is to provide our clients with solutions. Our fulfilments as therapists arise when we notice the contribution we have made in improving a client’s self-confidence It’s important to remember the driving force behind our profession – to guide clients to be the best version of themselves through achieving healthy skin they want to boast about.

2. Demonstrate your commitment through genuine interest

Our customers sense authenticity. They look for it in the questions we ask, the interest we show and the solutions we offer. In any relationship, we get to know each other by asking questions. Just as we expect our loved ones to be curious about whom we are, we should be curious about our clients as well .We have to understand their lifestyle and habits in order to identify the leading cause of their skin condition. Auto Immune disorders, medication, lifestyle related health conditions and past procedures done will all affect the condition of the skin. The cause is often attributed to multiple factors and it is critical that we make a genuine effort to identify the areas where improvement is needed to offer them results driven solutions. We are our client’s partners through their journey to better skin, and we show this by being there every step of the way.

3. Don’t make promises you can’t keep

In a highly competitive industry, we are often faced with desperate attempts to recruit new, and maintain existing clientele. We need to accept the fact that some clients may not stay loyal to our businesses for various reasons. However, every attempt should be made to give realistic expectations and achievable, desired outcomes to every client. Through building trusting relationships and clear comprehension of what we sell a client and why, we are more likely to close the gap between expectation and disappointment and maintain our credibility.

4. Ensure positive outcomes by focusing on the leading cause

We have fallen into the habit of mainly looking at the symptoms manifested on the skin. Treating the skin with a band aid solution offers only short term relief and no long term motivation to return to you if the cause is not addressed. Finding the leading cause of a skin condition is often challenging. We are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose skin diseases. We may however be able to identify a trigger in their skincare habits that may aggravate the condition. Knowing the clients full history is also very important from a safety perspective. Treating the skin with certain procedures can become disastrous if we do not understand the risk factors. Always remember that the skin often reflects on the outside what is going on in the inside.

5. Track your clients progress and take accountability

Our clients need to show their commitment by following the routines we prescribe for them. Our responsibility lies in providing them with in clinic procedures that are safe and results driven. Clients need to be made aware of the fact that certain skin conditions take time to treat successfully. It is up to us as the therapist to encourage compliance by highlighting smaller improvements in the skin. We can only do this by analyzing the skin with every visit, and taking pictures. Encourage your clients to take their skincare journey with you and assist and support them in every way possible.

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